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translate   2007

Video projection / Silent







Installation view at Musashino Art University (Bldg #7 Lecture room 401), Japan, 2007

Photo: Mitsuhisa Miyashita


2, 3, 4

Installation view at Musashino Art University (Bldg #12 Video atelier), Japan, 2007

Photo: Urara Taniguchi



Installation view at The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma, Japan, 2013

Video: Nobuhiro Shimura


This installation, which I exhibited as my thesis project during my final year at graduate school, consists of the surface of a lecture room table filled with images,. The long, continuous surface of the desk acted as a screen, onto which I projected live-action images of familiar everyday objects like thumbtacks, color pencils, colored clips, matches and clothespins, falling onto the desk in a huge heap. Although the image of these mass-produced industrial projects raining down makes this a somewhat cynical work, “Translate” is also an abstract representation of mundane objects that have been stripped of their meaning and function. The prospect of these artificial objects being scattered in an even, uniform manner – the golden thumbtacks seeming to resemble insects, or the sky blue clothespins looking like schools of fish – is not just a beautiful sight to behold. Viewers are also surprised by how they unconsciously liken inorganic objects to organic forms.