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pierce  2008/2013

Video projection on the head of hundreds of thousands pins / Silent






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Installation view at Akasaka Art Flower 08, Japan, 2008

Photo: Ken Kato, Video: Nobuhiro Shimura


4, 5

Installation view at Towada Oirase Art Festival: SURVIVE, Japan, 2013

Photo: Kuniya Oyamada


pierce was shown at Akasaka Art Flower 08 exhibition of contemporary art, organized by TBS. I was given a former ryotei (traditional, formal Japanese restaurant) as a space to work with, and decided to devise a video installation that could only work in the context of a Japanese-style room with tatami straw mats. My idea was to create a screen out of the heads of dress pins, so I stuck 330,000 of these pins directly into a floor area measuring three tatami mats. Projected onto this screen were live-action images of sunlight streaming through the foliage of trees. Viewers who took a closer look at the gaps in between these pins realized that small streaks of light were actually spilling through them, as well. Using sunlight as the light source for my projector, I created a miniature, condensed world of dress pins configured to look like a forest of trees.