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lace   2011

Video projection on the bathtub / Silent




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Installation view at Koganecho Bazaar 2011, Japan, 2011

Photo: Yasuyuki Kasagi


lace was exhibited at the RYUGU BIJUTU RYOKAN during Koganecho Bazaar 2011. The bathtub of this former ryokan (Japanese inn), which had been converted into an art space, was filled with hot water mixed with a milky white bathing powder. Live-action footage of a white, lacy fabric was then projected onto the surface of this pure white bathtub. The image of this water surface was also reflected onto the tiled ceiling, causing the entire bathroom to be covered in a lace-like pattern. What was most distinctive of this work was the fact that only one group of visitors per night was allowed to use the bath. A total of some 100 people took a bath here on the pretext of viewing the work over the duration of the exhibition. Floral motifs traced out in light appeared, tattoo-like, on the naked bodies of those who soaked in the bathtub.