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jewel   2009

Video projection on the stairs / Silent






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Installation view at Vacant, Japan, 2009

Photo: Mitsuhisa Miyashita, Video: Nobuhiro Shimura



Installation view at Yokohama Civic Art Gallery Azamino, Japan, 2010

Photo: Ken Kato



Installation view at Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum, Japan, 2013

Photo: Ken Kato


This work centered not on a normal exhibition space, but rather a staircase – a passageway that originally had no artworks in it. Live-action images of scattered buttons were projected so that they filled a wide staircase that recalled the interior of a Western-style building. As viewers passed through the installation, large, multicolored buttons attached themselves to their clothes like stickers. The “screen” in this work was to be found not just in the staircase, but also on the bodies of people who climbed up and down, creating a humorous landscape.