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Dress   2012/2015

Video projection on  the semitransparent ribbons / Silent





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Installation view at Experimenta Speak to Me, Australia, 2012

Photo: Nobuhiro Shimura, Video: Nobuhiro Shimura


3, 4

Installation view at Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Japan, 2015

Photo: Ken Kato

More than 500 semi-translucent ribbons were joined together to form fragile screens that allowed visitors to go back and forth between them. The ribbons in 12 different colors were arranged to create a sense of gradation across them, and the colorful screens with reflections of water surfaces projected onto them resembled rainbows, or membranes of light. These screens with images projected onto them divided the space into two parts. Light that filtered through the ribbons created a bright enclosure that surrounded the entire space.